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Marcin Kolodziejczyk - founder of BESST Group.

A graduate of the Faculty of Chemical Technology from Gdansk University of Technology in 2003: He has the benefit of several years of professional experience in the oil and gas industry, working in Europe (Great Britain), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia), Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Angola) and the Middle East (Qatar).

As an employee in the production departments Marcin held many challenging and prominent positions. Leading operations in Central Control Rooms CCRs including situations which could have developed into crisis, where operational decisions can effect the safety of all of the crew living aboard the units and the integrity of the plant process equipment.

Active professionally, in his private life he is an avid automotive and skiing enthusiast.

David Charlton - Senior Consultant. 

Awarded a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Exeter in 1994. David Charlton has been involved in training, teaching, coaching and assessing individuals and Command  Teams  for  crisis  roles  and  for  Critical  Incident Management,  both  onshore  and offshore. 

He  has  devised  and  conducted  emergency response  training  for  several  companies around  the  world,  including UK,  Canada,  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Morocco,  Cameroon,  Angola,  Spain and  Italy.

David is  an  OPITO/SQA  (D32/33)  accredited  External Assessor  and  has  gained  a  reputation  for  strict impartiality and an ability to benchmark standards.

David Charlton has first-hand Command and Control experience and expertise, gained during a 26-year career in the Royal Navy submarine Service where he held a number of demanding and prominent appointments including being the only officer to Command both diesel and nuclear-powered attack submarines.

Also following this as Commanding  Officer  of  the  Submarine Command  Course,  David  trained  and  assessed  aspiring submarine Commanding Officers for the Royal Navy and other navies.


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