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BESST Group and eVision Industry Software have entered into business partnership. This cooperation further strengthens both companies, eVision’s presence on the Poilish and Eastern European Markets while BESST Group’s ability to supply most effective and best-in-class safety solutions to its clients.

eVision Industry Software is a global leader and the first solutions provider to combine Control of Work, Process Safety Management and HSE into a holistic digital system. eVision supplies innovative solutions that improve the way oil, gas, chemical and other hazardous industries operate on a global and local scale. eVision enables to increase the safety and speed of operations, supports in reaching operational excellence and safety objectives. Its solutions are fully configurable to match organization’s wishes and requirements, while ensuring unprecedented ease-of-use and full compliance with the latest protocols and regulations.

Major organisations such as Shell, Statoil, BP, Qatar Petroleum, Repsol-Sinopec and many more have selected eVision as their Control of Work vendor of choice, solidifying eVision as industry leader of its domain.

With offices worldwide and partnerships with the world’s leading system integrators, eVision provides high-quality delivery and support, on location, at all times. For more information, please visit www.evision-software.com.



  • PERMIT VISION - Fully integrated Permit to Work solution, combining PTW with Risk Assessments, Isolation Management, and advanced integrations.
  • SHIFT VISION - Digital Shift logging and handover tool, ensuring high-quality shift information and increased awareness across all assets. Fully future-proof.
  • CHANGE VISION - Translates laborious Management of Change processes into an interconnected, simple and auditable solution. Fully integrated, fully aligned.
  • BARRIER MANAGEMENT - Cumulative Dynamic Barrier Risk Management. Holistic risk understanding across area and asset, enabling unprecedented oversight of all operations.







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